A career path beyond the corporate ladder

Much has changed in the professional world as it relates to growth and success. The traditional career path has typically been rendered as a ladder, a narrow and vertical construct that allows very few access to a very slow mode of escalation. In a world defined by limited opportunity, businesses enjoyed a slow and steady upward stream of talent that was constantly fighting among itself for few resources and fewer rewards.

At gpac, however, we recognize that the world is very different now. We realize that people are unique individuals and each person has a different definition of success. Because we realize this, we also know that there isn’t one road that leads to success, which is why we are dedicated to finding unconventional professionals who blaze their own trail.

Whereas talented professionals of yesteryear would have committed themselves to a single occupation, within a single industry, and, often, at a single company, today’s most driven workers recognize that a professional life defined by diversity is the key to success. When these professionals—the high performers with a flair for professional diversity—connect with the right opportunity, they can reap rewards that would have been impossible in the old world of suits-and-ties and corporate ladders. gpac offers these professionals an opportunity to leverage their professional diversity and find success in the exciting and challenging world of recruiting.

But what does professional diversity look like? Like the name suggests, it’s difficult to pin down because it is inherently varied, but here are a few ways one might detect professional diversity:


What was once considered taboo is now the norm. Professionals who have a broad range of experiences not just within their industry but across multiple industries bring a level of insight that is truly invaluable for the right opportunity. A diversity of experiences makes for professionals who can better navigate an increasingly global world of business.


A diversity of experiences can lead to a variety of positive outcomes, one of those being a wide range of skills. Skill diversity makes jobseekers more enticing to employers and more valuable to companies. Additionally, in an age of online certifications and a la carte curricula, dedicated workers can expand their knowledge base by pursuing and completing a variety of online courses.


We’ve all heard the phrase, “It’s who you know.” And this is one truism that has held its ground; however, “who you know” is largely improved by having an impressive array of skills and a broad range of experiences. Network diversity is essential to professional success, and when your network is as diverse as your experiences and skills, then the strength of your network is only compounded.

In the modern work economy, talent with healthy amount of professional diversity is not uncommon. Research suggests that nearly 30% of millennials have completely changed fields since first entering the post-college workforce. What is vital is that these young professionals find careers that maximize their network, skill and experiential diversity. This is where gpac helps them shine. We’ve long known that a career in recruiting is one that is challenging and rewarding in equal parts. We also know that it is those dynamic gamechangers with the right mix of experiences and skills and a network they can leverage who can succeed to a degree they might have never thought possible. So elevate your career by traveling a less crowded path to a place where corporate ladders just can’t reach.

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