Debunking the holiday hiring slump myth

As the year comes to a close and the holidays overwhelm us, it’s easy to make an argument for companies opting to hit the pause button on their hiring operations. From employees not seeking new jobs because of year-end bonuses to employers not having the time to effectively address openings, there is a laundry list of excuses, but, if you ask our CEO Ryan Good, they are exactly that. According to Ryan, “[f]or as many people who are out of touch over the holidays, there are many firms that will interview and even make decisions now.” With 28 years of executive search experience, Ryan has fielded every holiday complaint and understands that obstacles are really opportunities.


Success Doesn’t Take a Christmas Break

The search for talent has only gotten more intense this year, and it can’t afford to slow down, regardless of what the calendar reads. Great companies understand that finding the right talent is an absolute priority, and with the supposed “holiday hiring slump” they see an opportunity to take advantage. What candidates need to understand is that these same companies aren’t necessarily going to post their jobs. They’re looking for precise talent sourced by top recruiters; therefore, the smart jobseekers are connecting with recruiters to gain access to opportunities they would otherwise never find by simply searching job boards and company websites.


There’s No Action Like Proaction

The problem with myths like the holiday hiring slump is that they become self-fulfilling prophecies. Companies believe no one is looking to make a change at the holidays, so they reduce their efforts to find their next great employee. Candidates believe companies aren’t interested in hiring at the close of the year, so they don’t bother taking the necessary steps to find their next great career. If you think it isn’t going to happen right now, you’re probably right. But if you start making the effort to find your dream job, you might be surprised at how successful the right recruiter can be on your behalf. At gpac, we have access that other recruiters simply don’t have, allowing us to get candidates in positions that others never even know about.


Tune Out the Noise

The worst thing for the motivated jobseeker are the naysayers who suggest now isn’t the time to make a move. Ryan has a word of advice in regards to the the negativity:  “Don’t let that spoil your ambition for seeking out the next life-changing career endeavor!” The best companies are the best because they didn’t turn away from top talent when it wasn’t the right time of the year. Great organizations want to win, every day and every month of the year.


Here’s some parting advice from Ryan, “I wish I could let you inside my world for a bit so you could see the number of awesome companies begging us for great people right now.” One of these great companies is our own – gpac is hiring for search consultants in Sioux Falls and anywhere you are!

For those driven and intrepid individuals who are more interested in making moves than making excuses, the opportunities are there. Connect with us at gpac today to find out what opportunities are waiting for you, and start 2019 on the right foot with the right career.




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