Recruiting with gpac: A career tailor-made for you

We’ve talked about why recruiting should be your career resolution in 2019. And we’ve told you why gpac is a leader in recruiting opportunities. But there’s one thing we haven’t spoken enough about: you. We know recruiting is a great career. We’ve done it and enjoyed its rewards, and, more importantly, we’ve gotten to help others enjoy those rewards. But is recruiting a great career for you? Let’s talk about who you are, and, if it sounds right, it may be the right time to contact us and discover how you can do more than just work for a living.

You are experienced

Think of the most niche field within the most obscure industry. There’s probably a recruiter for it. Maybe you’ve had a storied career in the world of manufacturing. From underwater welders to casino pit managers, there are people who recruit for them.

You may not have experience arc welding in scuba gear, but you probably have your own valuable set of professional skills. Maybe you have experience within the medical field. Or maybe you bring a wealth of insider knowledge from some other niche industry. Whatever unique, professional experience you’ve picked up along the way, recruiting with gpac allows you to leverage your accumulated knowledge and skills into helping others succeed within that field.

We have found that taking professionals with unique industry knowledge and equipping them with the relevant recruiting skills and resources is a recipe for success. You know the people, the right companies and the players. You speak the language and have been in their shoes, which makes you an ideal fit as a recruiter within whatever industry you come from.

You are a leader and learner

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, recruiting with gpac is the career path for you. We offer opportunities that give you incredible flexibility while still providing you with the recruiting-focused training and resources you need to supplement your unique industry knowledge. It’s all about empowerment, and we have the resources to accelerate your growth, helping you be more competitive and earn more money quicker.

You love success

Recruiting is all about success. It is a $150 billion-industry where winning is the result of helping others achieve their goals. At gpac, we want you to succeed, and we want to reward you for that success. Beyond the possibility of unlimited earning potential, which is not a claim we just throw around (50 percent of our recruiters make six figures after just 12 months), we offer amazing incentives and exciting rewards for our top producers.

We know there is a lot more to you than this, so let’s throw in a few more things. You need freedom and flexibility in your personal life. You love helping others. You’re looking for a career that is more than just a job. If it sounds like we’re on the right track, maybe it’s time to get serious about taking the first step toward a career that is built around your experience and designed to help you achieve more, faster. Apply with gpac today to start your recruiting career.

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